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AFM Re-Open after Renovations


We are now re-open. While renovations are complete in the main gallery, the exterior of the building renovations are ongoing. If you have any inquires, please give us a call at 1-800-713-6336.

MK WhelanAFM Re-Open after Renovations


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  • David Stortz - April 2, 2019 reply

    Does the pere Marquette rail way have anything to do with the freedom trail

    Lorene Bridgen - April 10, 2019 reply

    Dear David,

    As far as I am aware the Pere Marquette Railway began operations after the Underground Railroad movement period which was roughly between the late 1700s until the mid 1860s. In addition, the Underground Railroad was not an actual Railroad but a secret network of paths and hiding spots taken to arrive to either a Free State or Canada which had abolished slavery in 1834.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

  • Dawn - May 18, 2019 reply

    How long will the renovations be going on?

    MK Whelan - May 18, 2019 reply

    Hi Dawn,

    Thank you for your inquiry. The main gallery has now re-opened. I will edit the page to reflect that. Renovations to the exterior of the buildings are ongoing until June.

  • Claire Louter - May 29, 2019 reply

    What are the hours of the Freedom Museum and the Sandwich first Baptist Church.?

    MK Whelan - June 1, 2019 reply

    Hi Claire,

    We are open Tuesday to Friday; 12-5pm and Saturday-Sunday; 1-5pm.

    Here is information for the Sandwich First Baptist Church

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