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The Amherstburg Freedom Museum’s Freedom Achievers Initiative includes a mentoring program that uses inspirational bio-summaries of successful achievers, combined with sessions where mentors can provide insight into career options and interact with mentees.

To take the initiative even further and use our story telling expertise we would also host a speaker series called “Freedom Achievers” that welcomes at least four high-profile diverse community builders to discuss the challenges they faced in their effort to achieve freedom in the 21st Century and how they challenged issues such as racism, gender inequality and homophobia to create positive change.

We are thrilled that our Freedom Achievers Speaker Series will kick off with Dwane Casey, the Coach of the Detroit Pistons, but we need your help to make this happen.  Even the smallest donation can help us get to our goal of $39,000.  Let’s work together to create a path to success for the youth of Essex County.


To donate go to – OR/


Lorene BridgenAmherstburg Community Foundation

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