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Frank Jones
Firefighter, Investment Banker
Frank Jones is a First Class Firefighter for the city of Toronto. This career revolves around preparedness, prevention, public education, and emergency response, with an emphasis on quality services, efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. Frank has been a Firefighter for five years, servicing a Ladder Truck for four years and currently serving on a Rescue Truck in his fifth campaign. Frank is also a member of Toronto Professional Firefighters Local 3888, where he has served as Mentor to new recruits and as part of the Human Resources and Equity Initiatives committee, which routinely investigates and proposes solutions to issues that pertain specifically to the Firefighting career. Prior to Firefighting, Frank was an Investment Banker for 18+ years where he worked as a Foreign Exchange Trader and Institutional Sales team member. He has seen and heard firsthand what it is like to be literally in the “fire pit”, as he was working in New York on the day Financial Markets hit rock-bottom, seeing Lehman Brothers Bank fail. He was also witness to hearing colleagues and brokers trying to escape the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Being in the midst of chaos is not foreign to Frank. Frank graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia where he earned a Division I Football four-year Full Scholarship, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Finance. He was a four-year Letterman, drafted by the Toronto Argonauts in 1995 and was an undrafted invitee to the Kansas City Chiefs Football training camp in 1996. For years as an Investment Banker, Frank liked his job but didn’t love it. Frank quit his job as an investment banker to focus on becoming a Firefighter – something he had always had an interest in because of the comradery, the physical fitness required and the opportunity to help others, the one thing he does naturally without effort.

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