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Nigel Williams
Real Estate
Nigel was born and raised in Montreal, and later graduated from Oklahoma University with a Business Administration degree. He was fortunate enough to play a total of 10 seasons as a Professional Football Player in the CFL, with a short stint in the NFL with the Washington Redskins. After retiring from football, Nigel decided to fulfill another lifelong dream: his desire to serve his country in the Canadian Armed Forces. From 2003-2016 Nigel completed 2 tours in Afghanistan (2006/2011) and after his successful military career, he retired in Edmonton.  Not long after, Nigel decided to move to Windsor-Essex to be closer to family and to take advantage of the beautiful weather, cross-border travel and the affordable housing market that Windsor has to offer. After settling in, Nigel still had a desire to serve; this time he chose his community and decided to start a new career in Real Estate. Nigel has always known the importance of team work and decided Team Sturba would be the perfect fit for him as a Sales Representative. Nigel’s extensive knowledge in moving & relocating paired with his unique life experiences makes him a valuable asset to the team.

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