Board of Directors

Our Team Consists of the Following Individuals

Feel free to reach out to them with any comments, concerns or suggestions.

Monty Logan President

Monty has been President of the museum since 2012. Since that time he has introduced numerous programs to develop the content and distribution of the rich history of the museum to the local and broader community.

Barb Porter Vice President, Chair, Fundraising Committee

Joining the board in 2015, Barb Porter is the Vice-President and Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Gary Jean Director, Treasurer

Gary Jean joined the board in 2017, and is treasurer of the board.

Phil Alexander Secretary, Chair, Programming Committee

Dr. Barbara Hughes-Smith Director

Dr. Barbara K. Smith has been a long time supporter of the museum and has served the board for many years.

Sheneese Johnson Director

Sheneese Johnson joined the board in 2019, and brings with her considerable fundraising and marketing experience and skill to the further the mission of the museum.

Dr. Brenda Lee Wright McCurdy Director

Dr. Brenda McCurdy joined the board in 2018, an accomplished professional and singer; has been a great asset to the museum.

Marcia Pivotte Director

Marcia joined the board in 2019, and is the co-founder of Black Kids In Action.

David Van Dyke Director

David joined the museum's board in 2016 and since then has contributed to the new website, the digitization effort and expanding its social media presence.

David Van DykeBoard of Directors