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Boyd Family

                                                                           The Boyd Family Part 1 – The Settler

This month’s family history features the Boyd family, who were mentioned briefly in last month’s Holbert family history. The Boyd family history begins with Harden and Charity Boyd. Their son John Boyd lived in Malden and Colchester North and married twice. His first marriage was to Ellen/Elinor Nolan, the daughter of Thomas and Harriet Nolan, and his second marriage was to Rebecca Holbert, the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Holbert. There is less information about John and Rebecca’s union, so I will start with them and then discuss Ellen Nolan. John and Rebecca married on June 17, 1891. At the time, John was 65 and Rebecca was 55 years old. According to Rebecca’s death record, she passed away on December 28, 1921 in Amherstburg. A very brief mention of her passing appeared in the Amherstburg Echo which says “Rebecca Boyd, one of the town’s oldest women, died on Wednesday at the home of Newton Bell. She was near 90.” Before marrying John, Rebecca had a daughter named Margaret who was born in Colchester on March 9, 1865. Margaret married Albert Wilson, the son of Washington Wilson and Mary Elnora Starks, on August 9, 1880 in Detroit (See Holbert family history ).

As mentioned, John Boyd’s first marriage was to Ellen Nolan, the daughter of Thomas and Harriet Nolan. Ellen was born in Malden on March 2, 1835 and later married John on December 19, 1850. The couple’s children include William, Ernest, Walter Trueman (also spelt Tryman), Maria, Rachel, Esther, Ellen Nellie, Margaret, Authora, Lewis, Andrew, Thomas, George, John, Edward, Anthony, Alfred and Emmanuel. Before discussing their children, I’m going to share more information for Ellen.

Ellen’s death record states that she passed away on April 3, 1890 in Detroit. The Museum’s family history binders include an obituary for Ellen Nolan Boyd and says “In this week’s notices from 1890 there is mentioned the death in Detroit of Mrs. Ellen Boyd. A further obituary elsewhere in the May 9, 1890 paper indicates that she was born March 2nd, 1835 in Malden, daughter of Thomas and Harriet Nolan. The Nolans later moved to Colchester North (New Canaan). On the 19th of December 1850 Ellen (also called Elinor) Nolan married John Boyd, who was born in the United States around 1824. They lived and raised their family in Colchester North next to the farm of Thomas Nolan. John and Elinor had a very large family, eleven of their children being alive when the mother died in 1890. They were William, Ernest, Trueman lived in Pleasant Valley; Maria married a Baylis and lived in Malden; Mrs. Rachel Brown, Mrs. Esther Freeman and Miss Ellen Boyd lived in Detroit; Margaret was living in Toledo in 1890; Authora, in Jackson, Mich.; Lewis, Andrew, Thomas and George all lived in New Canaan. Mrs. John Boyd was buried at Central Grove Cemetery, Detroit.”

Now that I’ve discussed John and Ellen, I will move on to share information about their children. There was no information available for William, Ellen, Authora, Lewis, Thomas, George, John, and Edward, but there was information for Ernest, Walter, Maria, Rachel, Esther, Margaret, Andrew, Anthony, Alfred, and Emmanuel. I’ll start with Ernest.

Ernest married Grace Wilson, the daughter of Albert Wilson and Margaret Holbert, on December 9, 1900 in Amherstburg. The December 20th issue of the Windsor Evening Record also shared “Boyd-Wilson- At the residence of J. Boyd, Amherstburg, on December 9, by Rev. Joseph Holbert, Ernest Boyd to Miss Grace Wilson, daughter of Albert Wilson, all of Amherstburg.” Ernest also appears in the Amherstburg Echo but for a different reason. The March 3, 1933 issue published “Will Debate – A debate will be held at Central Grove A.M.E. church under the management of Mrs. Wiley Grayer on Friday, March 10th, between Harrow and Windsor. Those debating from Windsor are the Misses Ellen Green and Velma Browning and Mr. Ernest Boyd. The debaters from Harrow are Miss Beulah Harding, Mr. Virgil Grayer and Mr. Russell Matthews. The subject is ‘Resolved that poverty more than riches tends to develop character.’”

Ernest’s wife Grace passed away on March 3, 1952 in Detroit. Her obituary, printed in the Amherstburg Echo on March 6th shares further details and says “Mrs. Grace Wilson Boyd who was born in Detroit, 60 years ago daughter of the late Albert and Margaret Wilson, died in Harper Hospital, Detroit on Monday, after a lengthy illness. The early years of her life were spent in Amherstburg where she attended public school. In 1900 she moved to Detroit when she married William Boyd of that city. He predeceased her many years. To them was born one son, Ernest who survives and lives in Detroit. She also leaves her mother, Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Windsor, one sister, Rebecca, Mrs. Bert Kersey, also of Windsor and eight brothers, Bert, Neil, Norvel, and Ira of Harrow, Arked … and William, Simon, Norman of Amherstburg. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at the time of going to press.”

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 2.

                                                            The Boyd Family Part 2- Military Connection

Ernest’s brother Walter Trumen/Tryman is next. He married Florence H. Hurley, daughter of Robert Cook and Mary Brown, on August 7, 1901 in Detroit. Florence was previously married to a man named Robert Hurley, the son of Rev. Dr. Hurley and Race Tale, on March 2, 1899 in Windsor. Florence and Walter are listed on the 1910 Detroit Census along with their children Charles and Emery, and their niece Pearl Baylis (daughter of Walter’s sister Maria). Further documentation was available for Charles and Emery. On February 7, 1920, Charles married Bessie Brown, daughter of Fred Brown and Martha Wallace, in Detroit. I was also able to find Emery’s birth record which states that he was born on November 10, 1904 in Detroit, and his death record states that he passed away on April 28, 1937 in Cleveland Ohio. This record also shares that he was single and working as a Porter. The informant was Emery’s aunt, Esther Boyd Freeman.

Walter’s sister Maria is next. She married Robert Baylis, the son of Robert Baylis Sr. and Elizabeth Ryer-Baylis, on August 14, 1875 in Colchester. In the January 29, 1932 issue of the Amherstburg Echo it mentions an 80th birthday celebration for Robert Baylis, saying “The home of Mr. and Mrs. John Day, seventh concession, was beautifully decorated on Wednesday, January 13th, on the occasion of the eightieth birthday of Robert Baylis, Sr. A well worded address was read by Mrs. Day, after which Mr. Baylis was presented with a beautiful copy of the Holy Bible and a pair of reading glasses for which Mr. Baylis thanked them heartily. The evening was spent in prayer and song. At the conclusion of the evening a delicious lunch was served by Mrs. Day … Mr. Baylis gave a very inspiring talk on ‘The sin of the present world’ and concluded with ‘lay not up for yourself treasures on earth where moth and thieves break through and steal, but rather lay up for yourself treasures in Heaven and prepare to meet thy God.’ Mr. Baylis is a pioneer of this district and we are glad to say is hole [sic] and hearty for one of his age. He is held in high respect by all.”

At the time of this publication, Maria Ann had passed away many years earlier, on April 30, 1914 in Colchester at the age of 57. In her obituary it says, Maria Ann was the “eldest daughter of the late John Boyd of Colchester North, and was married to Robert Baylis of Malden, August 14, 1875 and took up their residence in this township. To them were born twelve children, of whom nine are living – Robert, of Kalamazoo; Elisha, of Windsor; John, of Malden; Herman, Ellen (Mrs. Meddon), Pearl and Cora, of Detroit; Hattie, of Colchester South. Besides her husband and children she leaves to mourn four brothers and three sisters – Andrew, of Amherstburg; Ernest, of Chicago; Anthony, Walter, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Binga, of Detroit, and eighteen grandchildren. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon being very largely attended. Mrs. Baylis was a devoted Christian woman and held in high respect in the community.”

Many years later, on November 9, 1938, Robert Baylis passed away in Inkster, Wayne, Michigan at the age of 87. On November 18, 1938, the Amherstburg Echo informed its readers of Robert’s passing by writing “A highly respected native of Colchester, Mr. Robert Baylis, passed away at the home of his daughter in Detroit Wednesday of last week and was buried in Windsor following services at the Baptist Church, Saturday.”  A few days later, on November 25th, the Amherstburg Echo shared another obituary for Robert which said “Mr. Baylis’ Life – The late Mr. Robert Baylis, who passed away November 9 at the home of his daughter, Pearl Tatum of Inkster, Mich., at the age of 87 years, was born in Malden Township, and married Maria Boyd, who predeceased him years ago. To this union 12 children were born of whom nine are living, including John of Colchester South. Services were held in the First Baptist Church, Windsor. Interment in Windsor cemetery. Because of an industrious life even to the last and being highly respected, he is mourned by many.”

Robert Jr. and Maria Ann had thirteen children: Robert (1876), Iva Dell (1876), Elisha (1880), Forest (1883), John Edward (1884), Mahaliah (1886), Herman (1888), Malidia (1889), Pearlie (1890), Josephus (1893), Cora (1896), Bertha (1899), and Hattie (1901). Robert Jr. and Maria farmed in Malden Township for a time, but in the early 1900s moved to the United States which is recorded on the 1901 US Census, indicating that they along with Cora, Bertha and Hattie were living in Hamtramck, Michigan. It is likely that many of their remaining children stayed in Canada.

We’ll begin this section with Robert Jr. and Maria Ann’s first child Robert F. Baylis who was born on June 11, 1876 in Malden. He married Ida Brooks, the daughter of Benjamin Brooks and Delia Brown, on July 15, 1896 in Windsor. Robert F. and Ida had at least four children: Josephus/Joseph, Robert J., George Henry and Peter. Josephus was born on May 26, 1902 in Windsor and according to his death record he sadly died at age 16 of influenza on November 4, 1918 in Windsor. This record also mentioned that he worked as a stamper. Robert J. Baylis was born on May 23, 1900 and passed away on May 5, 1941 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, while George Henry was born on April 16, 1904 and Peter sadly passed away at 13 months on April 13, 1908.

Robert and Maria Ann’s next child was Iva Dell Baylis. The death record for an “Ivy” Dell Balis says she was 15 years old at the time of her passing on November 2, 1893. Iva Dell’s brother, Elisha, was born on April 5, 1880 in Malden and later married Martha Brooks, the daughter of Benjamin Brooks and Delia Brown, on September 19, 1900 in Windsor. The Windsor Daily Star printed obituaries for both Martha and Elisha. Martha’s obituary appears on January 8, 1944 and says “Mrs. Martha Baylis, 59, of 465 Niagara street died at her home yesterday following a heart attack. She was born in Anderdon, and settled in Windsor 50 years ago, coming from Amherstburg. She was a member of the Church of God in Christ. Surviving are her husband, Elisha; seven daughters, Mrs. George Colbert and Mrs. William Tolson, of Detroit; Mrs. Cleveland Jackson, Mrs. Lee Elliott, Mrs. Howard Berry, Mrs. Charles Chase and Miss Margaret Baylis of Windsor; three sons, John and Kenneth of Windsor, and Trooper Clayton Baylis stationed at Camp Borden; two brothers, George Brooks of Windsor and Benjamin Brooks of Detroit.”

Elisha’s obituary appears on June 25, 1955 which says “A resident of Windsor for 60 years, Elisha Bayliss, 75, of 971 McDougall, died in Hotel Dieu Friday after a lengthy illness. Mr. Baylis was born in Colchester and came to Windsor from Harrow. He was a retired city employee. His wife, Martha died in 1944. He is survived by three sons, John and Kenneth, both of Windsor; Clayton (Mike), Chatham; six daughters, Mrs. George Colbert (Ethel) and Mrs. William Tolson (Ruby), both of Detroit; Mrs. Howard Berry (Pearl), Mrs. Elmer Elliot (Gertrude), Mrs. Charles Chase (Bessie) and Mrs. George Hamilton (Margaret), all of Windsor; two brothers, John, Harrow, and Herman, Detroit; four sisters, Mrs. Pearl Tatum, Mrs. Hattie Lewis, and Mrs. Bertha Harris, all of Inkster, Mich., and Mrs. Ellen Meaders, Detroit.”

According to the 1921 Census, Elisha and Martha had the following children: Ethel, Beatrice, Ruby, Bertha, Pearl, John, Gertrude, Bessie, Louis, Margaret, Kenneth and Clayton. This list should also include Delia Baylis who was born on October 22, 1904, but she sadly passed away the following year on December 27, 1905 in Windsor. This is in addition to Elma Baylis who passed away at 8 months on December 15, 1911 and Louis Baylis who was born on October 13, 1916, but sadly passed away in Windsor on February 10, 1930 at the age of 13. Of Elisha and Martha’s remaining children, information on Ethel, Emma Beatrice, Ruby, Bertha, Pearl, John, and Gertrude was available. According to the 1921 Census, Ethel married into the Colborne family, but her husband’s first name is not listed.

Ethel’s sister Emma Beatrice was born on April 17, 1903 and her obituary from the Windsor Daily Star, which appeared on October 30, 1950, says “Mrs. Wilmot Jackson – Mrs. Beatrice E. Jackson, 47, of 658 Mercer street, died at Metropolitan General Hospital on Saturday after a long illness. Born in Windsor, Mrs. Jackson had lived here all her life. She was a member of Mount Zion Church, Windsor. She is survived by her husband, Wilmot; her father, Elisha Baylis of Windsor; three daughters, Mrs. Eleanor Knight of Windsor, Miss Ella Jackson and Mrs. Judy Walker of Detroit; three brothers, John and Kenneth Baylis, of Windsor, and Clayton of Chatham; and six sisters, Mrs. Ethel Colbert and Mrs. Ruby Tolson of Detroit, Mrs. Pearl Berry, Mrs. Gertrude Elliott, Mrs. Bessie Chase, and Miss Margaret Baylis, all of Windsor.” Mentioned in this obituary is Ella Jackson who is discussed in our November 2021 Black History Series Presentation “Fighting a Double War: Remembering Windsor’s Unsung Black Heroes Who Fought Fascism Overseas and Racism at Home.” To watch, click

 Emma Beatrice’s sister Ruby was born on March 15, 1906, Bertha Edith was born on August 28, 1907 and John was born on April 2, 1909, all in Windsor. Their sister Pearl’s obituary appears in the Windsor Daily Star on July 4, 1955 and says “Mrs. Howard Berry – A resident of Windsor all her life, Mrs. Pearl Berry, 47, of 539 Mercer, died Saturday in Metropolitan Hospital after a brief illness. Surviving are her husband, Howard E.; six sons, Robert Howard, David, Herman, Ernest and John, all of Windsor; three daughters, Mrs. John Ford (Helena), Cleveland; Roberta and Pearl, home; two brothers, John and Kenneth Baylis, both of Windsor; Clayton, Chatham; five sisters, Mrs. George Colbert and Mrs. William Tolson, both of Detroit; Mrs. Elmer Elliott, Mrs. Charles Chase and Mrs. George Hamilton, all of Windsor. Also surviving is a grandchild. Her father, Elisha Baylis, died June 24, 1955.” 

The Windsor Daily Star also printed an obituary for Gertrude Violet Baylis Elliot, wife of Elmer D. Elliot, on November 22, 1955 which shares the passing of “Gertrude Violet, 42 years, Nov. 21, 1955, at Hotel Dieu Hospital. Formerly of 405 McDougall. Beloved wife of Elmer D. Dear mother of Martha, Elmer, William, Joseph, Mitchell and John, of Windsor; Donald and James, Amherstburg; Sister of John and Kenneth Baylis, Windsor; Clayton, of Chatham; Mrs. George Colbert (Ethel), Mrs. William Tolson (Ruby), Detroit; Mrs. Charles Chase (Bessie), Mrs. George Hamilton (Margaret) of Windsor. Three grandchildren.”

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 3.

                                                                       The Boyd Family Part 3 – Snake Lane

Next up is Elisha’s brother and the next child of Robert Baylis and Maria Ann Boyd, Forest. He was born on March 11, 1882 in Malden, but passed at age 17 on July 16, 1899. On July 21, 1899 the Amherstburg Echo shared further details reporting “On Sunday last Forest Baylis, died of an acute attack of appendicitis. He was 17 years 6 months of age, and had been sick but a short time. The funeral was held Tuesday, interment being in Mt. Pleasant cemetery. Much sympathy is expressed for the bereaved family.”

Forest’s brother John (also known as Jack) married Daisy Ellen Marshall, the daughter of Hezekiah Marshall and Emma (some records say Elizabeth) Jones-Johnson. John and Daisy moved from Malden Township to Colchester Township circa 1922 where they lived on Snake Lane, Lot 9, Concession 2, Gore. Have you ever heard of the Harrow Snake Lane Black Pioneer Community? All that remains of this settlement is a cemetery. In the mid-1800s, Black Canadians used this site for religious camp meetings and there was a BME church located north of the cemetery, but it was torn down in the 20th century. Many of the stones were moved or broken, which resulted in a restoration campaign in 2001. The only grave that they are certain matches its headstone belongs to Olivia Ellen Moore. According to the death record for Daisy Ellen Marshall Baylis, she passed away on February 5, 1924.

John and Daisy had at least nine children: Clarence Dirford (1909), Robert (1912), Keitha (1913), Elmer (1916), Orville Wellington (1917), John (1921), Lucy (1922), Vida Wanita (1923), and Donald (1925). John and Daisy’s children attended the segregated school, SS#11, and were taught by Mrs. Beulah Cousin and Mrs. Shadd. Clarence Dirford was born on March 11, 1909 in Malden, but there was no information for Clarence’s brother Robert. I was able to locate the November 23, 1931 death certificate for a Mary Baylis whose mother is listed as Keitha Joedell Baylis. This is certainty the correct Keitha, not only because of the uniqueness of her name, but also because the informant is John Baylis who for “Relation to Deceased” it says grandfather. Keitha’s brother John was sadly stillborn on December 7, 1921 in Colchester South, as well as Lucy who was also sadly stillborn in 1922.

The next child of Daisy and John is Vida Baylis. Sadly, her mother passed away when she was only nine days old, so it was Emma Marshall who raised Vida.  She married Elwood Judson Mulder in 1942. Thanks to Jasmine Wilson, Loraine Crosby, Ethelda Wilson and Vida (Baylis) Mulder we can share more about Vida and her husband and children. Elwood Judson retired after 25 years of working at Amchem, but he was also a farmer who grew corn, tomatoes and soy beans. Jasmine also shared that Vida worked as a Homemaker.

Elwood and Vida’s children include Ethelda, Keitha, Daisy Loraine, George, Norman, and Larry. Ethelda was born in 1944 and married Carl Fredrick Wilson in 1968. Ethelda and Carl’s children include: Carl Jr. who was born in 1970, Pamela (Isreal) who was born in 1974 and Melissa (Morgan) who was born in 1979. Vida and Elwood’s next child is Keitha who was born in 1946 and her children include: Nathan Casey, Stacey Lovelle (Caprice) and Lee Winston. Keitha’s sister, Daisy Loraine, was born in 1948 and married Joe Crosby II in March of 1968. Daisy and Joe’s children include: Joe Crosby III who was born in 1968 and Susan Lousie who was born in 1975. The next child of Vida and Elwood is George who was born in 1949 and married Carletta Wilson. George and Carletta had a daughter named Georgina (Mulder) White. Next is Norman who was born in 1950 (passed 2015). His children include Shelly, Eddie Norman, Chrystle, Jason Ott (step), Dawne, and Jordanne. Last is Larry who was born in 1952 and married Louise Kay Wilson. Their children include Marie (Gagnon), Larra (Pears), Philip, Jeremy, Bethany (Sims) and Ashley. 

Now that we’ve discussed John Baylis’ family, we will return to discussing his siblings starting with Mahaliah who was born on February 5, 1886 in Malden. Her brother Herman was born on June 24, 1889 in Malden and later married Melissa Piper, the daughter of Charles Piper and Mary Dunn, on November 20, 1909. Melissa Piper’s birth record states that she was born on June 29, 1893 in Windsor and that her father Charles worked as a Porter.

 Pearlie Baylis, the next child of Robert and Maria Ann Boyd was born on November 20, 1890 in Malden and she later married Marcus Hanna, who was born in Missouri and the son of Blem Hanna. Their marriage record also lists Marcus’ mother but her first name is cut off and her last name looks like “Land.” Pearlie and Marcus married on February 23, 1916 in Detroit. A second marriage record shows that Pearl married more than once. Pearl Baylis Hanna also married Samuel Tatum, the son of James and Mary Tatum. They married on January 15, 1921 in Detroit and at that time Samuel was a waiter and Pearl worked as a domestic.

Pearl’s brother Josephus was born on March 15, 1893, but he sadly passed at 14 months old on May 6, 1894 in Windsor.  Josephus’ sister Cora married William DeBaptiste on June 3, 1915 in Detroit. William was the son of Banjamin DeBaptiste and Clara Woung. At this time, William worked as a Salesman. Cora’s sister Bertha married John Harris on May 6, 1914 in Detroit. John was the son of Babe and Sarah Harris. The 1921 Census for Anderdon lists John and Bertha Harris with their children: William, Lester, Irene, and Orval. The 1921 Census also lists John as a Farmer.

The last children of Robert Baylis and Maria Boyd is Hattie who, according to her birth record, was born on March 27, 1901 in Malden. No further documents were found for Hattie.

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 4.

                                                                   The Boyd Family Part 4- US Connection

Now that I’ve discussed Maria Boyd Baylis, I’ll move on to her sister Rachel.  According to her death record she passed away on January 26, 1916 in Detroit. This record also reveals that Rachel was born on September 10, 1860. There is more to share about Rachel’s sister Esther. She married Robert Sylvester Freeman, the son of Bryant and Elizabeth Freeman, on February 19, 1890 in Windsor. Esther passed away on November 24, 1944 in Detroit and was widowed at that point. This record also shows that Esther was born on June 8, 1880. Esther and Robert’s children include James Edward, Mina, and Robert Boyd. There is also the possibility that they had additional children named Iowen and Nolan because they are listed as children of Robert and Esther on the 1920 Census, but the 1930 Census lists them as grandchildren, along with another grandchild named Ernest. James Edward’s birth record states that he was born on September 1, 1892 in Detroit, while Robert Boyd was born on January 6, 1900, also in Detroit. His death record lists his date of passing as February 4, 1966 in Chicago. This record also mentions that he was born on January 6, 1900, worked as a head waiter and was married to a woman named Edna Dee.

Robert’s sister Mina Dell Freeman married Chester Johnson, the son of Hamilton Johnson and Rana Coleman, on October 20, 1914 in Windsor.  I also found records for three of Mina and Chester’s children, Clarence, Raymond and Chester Jr. Clarence Johnson married Mabel Royal, daughter of Clyde Royal and Rosie Hooks, on August 31, 1946 in Ohio. Clarence’s brother Raymond was married to Mildred Black, the daughter of Jesse Black and Carrie Williams, on April 18, 1848 in Sandusky, Ohio. Raymond’s death record reveals that he passed away on December 25, 1949 in Detroit. Mina and Chester’s son Chester Jr. married Emma E. Burdette, daughter of Herman Burdette and Catherine Ice, on June 1, 1945 in Clark, Indiana.

Esther’s sister Margaret is the next child of John Boyd and Ellen Nolan. The only information I could find for her was an obituary printed in the Amherstburg Echo on January 5, 1894 which says “Margaret Boyd, fourth daughter of John Boyd, of this township, aged about 27 years, died on December 27th after a lingering illness. Consumption was the cause of her death. The funeral was conducted in Detroit whence she was brought to Harrow and interred in Central Grove Cemetery.”

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 5.

                                                                     The Boyd Family Part 5- Mutt and Jeff

Margaret’s brother Andrew Anderson Boyd was born on May 7, 1872 in Colchester. He married Lillian Wilson, the daughter of Albert Wilson and Margaret Holbert on July 28, 1901 in Amherstburg. The Amherstburg Echo shared a few more details on August 2, 1901, reporting “On Sunday last Rev. J.D. Holbert united in marriage Andrew Boyd to Miss Lilly Wilson. The bride was attended by Miss Rebecca Holbert, while Ernest Boyd looked after the groom’s interests. The Echo extends congratulations.” According to the 1911 Census, Andrew and Lillie had at least four children: Marguerite (born February 13, 1902 in Amherstburg), John T. (born March 8, 1903 in Amherstburg), Andrew (born February 11, 1906 in Amherstburg) and Joseph (born January 7, 1909 in Amherstburg). There is also a death record for Esther Valeein Boyd, who is listed as the child of Andrew and Lillian Boyd. She passed on March 4, 1914 in Amherstburg and was under the age of 2.

Additionally, a marriage announcement was published in the Amherstburg Echo on October 16, 1936 for John T. Boyd and Leitha Johnson which says “Two Town Weddings – The Echo extends hearty congratulations this week to two local couples who were united in marriage Wednesday evening. Chester Harris, son of Mr. Jerry Harris, and Juanita, daughter of Mr. Neil Wilson, … at the Church of God in Christ, Windsor, with Elder Morton officiating. At the same time and place John Boyd, son of Mr. Andrew Boyd, and Miss Leitha Johnson, daughter of Mr. Joseph Johnson of Sandwich West, were also united in marriage by the same paster. Both young couples are well known in Amherstburg and everyone wishes them happiness and success.

I came across several references to Andrew’s friend and co-worker, Walter Mann. The Amherstburg Echo refers to them on August 12, 1921 writing “Insurance adjustment has been made on the town pavilion, recently burned, and the wreck has been given to Mann & Boyd for cleaning the place.” A month later the newspaper reports “The Mullen Coal Co. presented a steel safe, worth a considerable sum, to Andrew Boyd, of Boyd & Mann, to keep this contracting firm’s papers in. It was part of the salvage from the pavilion fire wreck.” The Echo mentions the pair again on August 23, 1935 and says “The other afternoon while at the town hall had a chat with Walt Mann and Mutt Boyd. These two men, outside of Engineer McCaffrey, probably know more about the sewerage and water systems in the municipality than any other person and in spite of the fact that their work is hard, they seem to be able to keep with it day after day – In fact both of them have been working for the town for over 30 years – These two colored gents are more than mere workmen, they are an institution – All power to them.” Years later, on June 23, 1982, the Echo shared a memory of Boyd and Mann, long after they had passed. The article says “when we were young the Amherstburg board of works gang consisted of two men Mutt (Andrew) Boyd and (Jeff) Walter Mann. They worked under the direction of Freeman McCaffrey who was also in charge of the Amherstburg waterworks on the river at the western end of Rankin Avenue. These two men, with the occasional help of one or two others, did all the servicing of the underground water mains and sewer s in the town. They worked hard and long hours. But always seemed to be in the best of humour.”

Andrew’s partner Walter Mann passed away on April 17, 1936 which mentions “he and his partner on the job, Andrew Boyd, were responsible for installing and maintaining the water and sewer main system of the town. They worked under the direction of Freeman McCaffrey and because of their difference in stature were often called ‘Mutt and Jeff.’” Andrew acted as a pallbearer at the service.

Andrew appears in the Echo again on January 12, 1940 in the article titled “Faithfulness of Andrew Boyd is Recognized.” The article says “Reeve Bertrand told the council that Andrew Boyd, a faithful town employee, had been ill for some weeks and unable to work. He had paid him his wage until the end of the year, he said, and wished to know if he should continue. ‘Mr. Boyd has been a faithful servant of the town for years,’ Mr. Marra said: ‘and now he is ill due to his declining years. I think the council would be well advised to continue his weekly salary. It isn’t a great deal and it might help to make him happier and free from worry. The municipality owes something to Mr. Boyd for his faithful service and I think it will be agreeable to the council that his salary continue, at least until later on in the year.” I could not find an obituary for Andrew, but five years later, on January 18, 1945, the Echo reported the passing of Andrew’s wife Lillian at the Home of the Aged in Leamington at the age of 63.

Andrew’s brother Anthony is next. He is mentioned in the Amherstburg Echo on March 2, 1888 because of a fundraising activity. The newspaper reported “One of the most successful entertainments held in Pleasant Valley for some time took place on Thursday evening of last week, under the management of a committee of young men who were Buddie Johnson, Perda Dennis, Frank Dennis and Anthony Boyd. Quite a number of people were present and spent a most enjoyable time. The net proceeds amounted to $13.25, which was handed over immediately to James Johnson, the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of the Central Grove A.M.E. burial ground. Success to those young men. Try again.”

The Amherstburg Echo mentions a marriage between Anthony Boyd and Hattie Turner on January 6, 1899 in New Canaan (Colchester North) and says “A very quiet but pretty wedding took place at the residence of James Turner, J.P., when his daughter Hattie was united in marriage to Anthony Boyd of Montpelier, Ohio. The bride was tastefully attired in white silk mull over taffeta. After the ceremony all sat down to a sumptuous repast. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd will make their future home at Montpelier, Ohio. Mrs. Boyd will be greatly missed by her friends but New Canaan’s loss will be Montepelier’s gain.” Because this announcement does not mention Anthony’s parents, I could not confirm if this is the correct Anthony, but John Boyd’s son Anthony was a former resident of New Canaan which would explain how he met Hattie. If this is the correct Anthony, his wife Hattie was the daughter of James Turner and Melissa McCurdy. I also found a birth record for Maud Garnet Boyd, the daughter of Anthony Boyd and Hattie Turner who later married George Henry Coates, the son of William Coates and Adline Mulder on December 25, 1918 in Essex County.

On August 25, 1916 it was reported in the Amherstburg Echo that “Andrew Boyd received word Saturday of the sudden death in Detroit that day of his brother Anthony, aged 54 years. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon. He was a former resident of Colchester North.”

Anthony’s brother Alfred was born on December 1, 1873 in Colchester.  He passed away at age 4 on April 3, 1877 in Colchester. Alfred’s brother Emmanuel L. Boyd passed away on December 6, 1894 in Detroit at age of 30. At the time, Emmanuel was single and worked as a cook.

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week where we will celebrate another amazing family.