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Every month the Amherstburg Freedom Museum has been hosting Black History Facebook Live presentations. In case you missed it you can watch all of our presentations below. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for upcoming presentations at Amherstburg Freedom or visit our YouTube Page.


Welcome to the Official YouTube Channel for the Amherstburg Freedom Museum.

The Amherstburg Freedom Museum is located in Amherstburg, Ontario, then, a chief entry point into Canada for those escaping slavery.

Amherstburg resident Melvin “Mac” Simpson believed that social, economic and educational problems could be addressed more effectively by people with a greater self awareness and pride in their own history.

family histories

Have you ever considered looking into your family history? The Amherstburg Freedom Museum is here to help. We have the resources you need to get started on tracing your family roots. Each month, we highlight a family from the museum’s Family History Collection.

There will be a series of posts, one per week, which tells you information about the month’s highlighted family. If you have a suggested family you would like to see highlighted, please let us know!


The museum has several interesting and unique artifacts on display in our permanent gallery that illustrate the journey Black people made from enslavement to freedom in Canada as well as the legacy of those descendants who built their lives in this region.


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The Amherstburg Freedom Museum has been established to collect, preserve, interpret, research, and exhibit a collection of artifacts of historical and cultural value relating to Black heritage from its African origins to present day development in the Western Hemisphere. The artifacts that we collect are historically and culturally significant to Black heritage with emphasis on Southwestern Ontario.