Amherstburg Freedom Museum

Freedom Achievers

Freedom Achievers Program

The Freedom Achievers Program, presented in partnership with the Amherstburg Community Foundation, connects successful achievers with mentees at sessions where mentors can provide insight into career options and interact with mentees, in addition to a high-profile speaker. 

The speaker series called “Achieving Freedom in the 21st Century” welcomes diverse high-profile community builders like Coach Dwane Casey to discuss the obstacles they faced and how they challenged issues such as racism, gender inequality and homophobia to create positive change.”

“Our goal is to not only provide mentees with examples of success such as Dwane Casey and the mentors involved in our program, but also to show them that their career aspirations are achievable and that the tools necessary for navigating their career path are accessible,” said Lorene Bridgen-Lennie, Assistant Curator. “If interested in registering as a mentee or mentor, please call the Amherstburg Freedom Museum at 519-736-5433 for more information and to register.”