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               The Lockman Family History Part 1 – “Lived In Essex County Nearly All Her Life”

During the summer, Amherstburg Freedom Museum Board Vice President, Barb Porter, and myself began creating a presentation about the No. 2 Construction Battalion, Canada’s first and only all-Black Battalion, for the Buxton Genealogy Conference which was held on Friday, September 2, 2022. As part of the presentation, Barb shared information about her family members from the Tudor and Lockman families, so I decided to expand on the research we had done so that I could write this month’s family history about the Lockman family. This family history would not have been possible without the assistance of Barb who shared information and photos of her family. Thank you Barb!

The Lockman family history begins with Emily and James Lockman Sr. The 1861 Census for the Township of Anderdon lists James and Emily, along with their children David, Joseph, Woodston (Woodson) and Benjamin. The following Census for 1871 lists James Sr. as living in the household of his son Woodson, along with Woodson’s son Joseph. This Census lists Woodson’s occupation as ‘Seamen’ while James Sr. worked as a farm labourer.

Woodson married Ida Jane Deary/Derry, the daughter of London Deary and Maria Hansbury on June 30, 1874 (some records say May 27, 1874). The 1850 Census of Free Inhabitants for the State of Maryland lists London Dery with his mother Mills (possibly Milli) Dery. The 1871 Anderdon Census for London and Maria Derry also lists their children William, James, David, Idelia (Ida), Albion (Albina), Susan and Louisa. Just a further note about Ida’s sister Albina. She married Stephen Hayes in Michigan on September 18, 1888.

According to Ida Jane Lockman’s death record, she was born on December 4, 1854 in Union Town, Pennsylvania and passed away on November 9, 1936 at the age of 81. At this point Ida Jane was a widow. Ida’s obituary from the Windsor Daily Star, printed on November 10, 1936, shares more details. It reads “Mrs. Lockman Passes Away – Octogenarian Lived In Essex County Nearly All Her Life – Arrangements were completed today for the funeral of Mrs. Idella Jane Lockman, who died yesterday at her home, 824 Victoria road, Sandwich West. Services will be conducted Thursday afternoon at the home of her sister Mrs. Albina Moore, 731 McDougall street, at 2 o’clock and at the A.M.E. Zion Church, Mercer and Niagara streets, at 2:30. Burial will be in Windsor Grove Cemetery. Although born at Union Town, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Lockman, who was 82 years of age, lived in Essex County most of her life. She lived in Amherstburg for 14 years and Windsor for 52 years prior to going to Sandwich West 13 years ago. She was an active member of the A.M.E. Zion Church. Surviving are two daughters: Mrs. Millie Jones, of Windsor, and Mrs. Eliza Banks, of Sandwich West: three sons, James and Rev. Jerome Lockman, of Windsor and Noble, of Sandwich West: a brother, Rev. James Darrey, of Windsor, and three sisters, Mrs. Moore and Miss Susie Darrey, of Windsor and Mrs. Louisa White, of Sandwich West, and three grandchildren.”

As mentioned, at the time of her death Ida was a widow. Her husband Woodson Lockman, according to the January 11, 1924 issue of The Border Cities Star, died on January 9, 1924. His death record reveals that he was born on February 24, 1852 in the United States and that he worked for the Ferry Company.

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 2.

                                             The Lockman Family History Part 2 –  The Catholic Mission

Woodson and Ida Lockman had the following children: Amelia, Liddie, Jerome, Sarah Jane, James Woodson William, David, Eliza Rose, and Noble. Amelia was born on February 28, 1875 in Malden Township. She married Thomas James Richard Thompson, the son of John Wesley Thompson and Mary Virginia Merrit, on June 20, 1893 in Windsor. According to Thomas James Richard Thompson’s death record, he was born on October 2, 1866 in Flat Rock, Michigan and he died on December 2, 1922 in Windsor. It also states that he worked as a plasterer. Over two decades later, Amelia (listed as Millie Ann) passed away on May 21, 1943. The informant was her niece Alis Jones. The Windsor Daily Star printed her obituary on May 22, 1943 which said “Mrs. Millie A. Thompson – Mrs. Millie Ann Thompson, 68, of 401 London street east, died yesterday at Metropolitan General Hospital after a short illness. She was a native of this area, having been born in Malden Township, and lived in Windsor for 65 years. Surviving are three brothers, Jerome, James and Noble Lockman, all of Windsor, and an aunt, Mrs. Louise White, of Windsor.”

Amelia’s sister Liddie sadly passed away at one years old on March 12, 1878 in Windsor. Liddie’s brother Jerome is the next child of Woodson and Emily Lockman. Jerome W. Lockman was born on January 28, 1879 in Windsor. Jerome, along with his brother James and Sister Sarah attended the ‘Mission for Coloured Children’ which was founded by the Rev. James Theodore Wagner in 1887. This Catholic Mission included a school, orphanage, and Sunday School. The Mission was located at Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette campus, formerly Hotel Dieu. While creating the school and orphanage, the Rev. Wagner received assistance from the Religious Hospitallers of Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph in Montreal and Rev. Wagner also helped to establish the first hospital in Windsor, Hotel Dieu (now Windsor Regional Hospital).

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 3.

                                         The Lockman Family History Part 3 – The No. 2 Construction Battalion

Jerome Wellington Lockman married three times to Minnie Cunningham, Dolly Williams and Carrie Jane Dorsey. Jerome married Minnie Cunningham, the daughter of John Cunningham and Jennie Johnson, on September 23, 1903. His second marriage to Dolly Williams, the daughter of John William Williams and Ellen Carter, occurred on July 15, 1911 in Detroit. At the time, Jerome worked as a plasterer and Dolly worked as a domestic. Jerome’s third marriage was to Carrie Jane Dorsey, the daughter of Benjamin Dorsey and Harriet Butler. In the 1921 Census, Jerome and Carrie are listed with Jerome’s daughter Myrtle. It is likely that Myrtle is Jerome’s daughter from his first marriage to Minnie Cunningham because Myrtle is listed as 19 years old, which is the same time of Jerome’s first marriage.

Carrie Jane Lockman passed away on May 4, 1945 in London, Ontario. Her death record also shows that she lived in Windsor, was born on April 11, 1880 and was a housewife. Her obituary from May 7, 1945 in The Windsor Daily Star says “Carrie Jane Lockman, 65, died Saturday at the Ontario Hospital in London. She is survived by her husband, Jerome Kockman (Lockman), of 401 London street east, and one daughter, Mrs. John (Myrtle) Craig of 975 Mercer street. Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. F.O. Stewart at the Thompson Funeral Home, 961 Ouellette avenue tomorrow at 3:30 pm. Burial will be in Windsor Grove Cemetery.”

Jerome Lockman is part of a very important part of Canadian military history. He served in the No. 2 Construction Battalion, the first and only segregated Battalion in Canadian military history. Black men continuously tried to serve during WWI but were excluded and told that it was a ‘white man’s war.’ After community protest, Black men were finally able to serve in the segregated No. 2 Construction Battalion, which was formed on July 5, 1916 in Pictou, Nova Scotia and moved to Truro, Nova Scotia in September 1916. There was also a detachment that operated in Windsor, Ontario from September 1916 to March 1917. It should also be noted that approximately 700 Black soldiers were in non-segregated units (outside of the No. 2 Construction Battalion) and fought in battles such as The Somme, Ypres, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele.

According to Jerome’s service records, he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CEF) on September 9, 1916 and served in England and France. He was discharged on October 28, 1918 “having been found medically unfit for service.” His military records show that he fell off of a pile of lumber in France in October 1917 and injured his back. He carried his injury for about 3 months and then reported it. It appears that the severity of his injury was not taken seriously which is sadly something that many Black soldiers encountered.

Not only did Private Jerome Lockman serve in the No. 2 Construction Battalion, he was also involved in recruitment efforts. On September 27, 1916, The Windsor Evening Record printed “Looking For Recruits – A recruiting squad for No. 2 construction battalion, colored, composed of Lieut. L.B. Young and Ptes. R.S. Thomas and Jerome Lockman is touring the Chatham, Dresden and Buxton districts. Success has attended the efforts out of town so far. The squad will be gone about a week.”

Jerome passed away on January 4, 1956 in Windsor. Find a Grave mentions another child of Jerome named Arthur Neil Lockman, but I could not find any documentation to confirm this. Jerome’s obituary, which appeared in The Windsor Daily Star, on January 6, 1956, says “Jerome Lockman – A veteran of World War I, Jerome Lockman, 76, of … Tuscarora St., died Wednesday in Hotel Dieu. Born in Windsor, Mr. Lockman has resided here all his life. He was a retired plasterer by trade. Mr. Lockman enlisted in September of 1916 in the No. 2 Construction Battalion of the Royal Canadian Engineers. He later served in France with the Forestry Corps. Mr. Lockman was a member of Tanner A.M.E. Church and the North American Masonic No. 11, F. and A.M. His wife, the former Carrie Dorsey, died in 1943. Surviving are one brother Noble Lockman, Sandwich West; one aunt, Mrs. Louisa White, Windsor; one niece, Mrs. James [Joseph] Porter, and one nephew, Noble Banks, both in Windsor. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. in the James H. Sutton Funeral Home, 937 Ouellette Ave., to Tanner A.M.E. Church for service at 1:30 p.m., followed by a special service under the auspices of North American Masonic Order No. 11, F. and A.M. Rev. A.E. Scotland will officiate. Burial will be in the military section of Windsor Grove Cemetery.”

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 4.

                                     The Lockman Family History Part 4 – Canadian Army Construction Battalion

Jerome’s sister Sarah Jane is next. The only records that I could find for her were her death records. On May 20, 1903, The Evening Record printed that “Sarah Jane Lockman died this morning at 157 Mercer street, aged twenty-two years. Sarah’s death record also states that she worked as a domestic.

Sarah’s brother James Woodson Lockman was born on June 8, 1884. He married Maryetta Steamings, the daughter of James M. Steamings and Mamie Brown, on October 13, 1916 in Windsor. Just like his brother Jerome, James also served in the No. 2 Construction Battalion. On September 9, 1916, James was considered “fit” for service in the CEF. James worked as an employee of the City engineer’s department for 18 years. His obituary appeared in the Windsor Daily Star on June 8, 1948 and said “James Woodson Lockman, 1021 McDougall street, employe [sic] of the Department of Public Works, Windsor, died yesterday at Grace Hospital after two weeks’ illness. Mr. Lockman was born in Windsor and lived in the border area all his life. He served overseas with Canadian Army Construction Battalion in World War I. Survivors are his widow, Etta, and two brothers, Jerome and Noble, Windsor.” Just like his brother Jerome, James’ military service is mentioned in his obituary. This was a visible display that showed their sacrifice, bravery and commitment to serving their country.

A few years later, in 1951, James’ wife Marietta passed away. Her obituary appeared in The Windsor Daily Star on March 3, 1951 which said “Mrs. James Lockman – Mrs. Marietta (Etta) Lockman, 84, formerly of 1021 McDougall street, died in hospital in Windsor after a four-month illness. Born near Carthage, Mo., she had lived in Windsor for 35 years. She was the widow of James Lockman. She is survived by one adopted daughter, Mrs. Mamie Childs, in California; and one cousin, Mrs. Rose Barrett of Carthage.”

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week for part 5.

                                              The Lockman Family History Part 5 – A Buffalo Soldier

Now that we’ve discussed Amelia, Liddie, Jerome, Sarah Jane, and James Woodson William, we’ll continue with David, Eliza Rose (pictured), and Noble. David Elijah Lockman was born on January 29, 1887. He passed away on November 11, 1916 in Windsor at the age of 30. His death record lists him as single.

David’s sister Eliza Rose is next. She was born on December 19, 1889. Eliza married twice. Her first husband was Alfred Augustus Tudor (pictured), the son of Meril Tudor and Miranda Bowen, on January 29, 1919. Her second husband was Sylvester Banks, the son of James Banks and Alzora Hullum. They were married on January 11, 1928. Eliza’s first husband, Alfred Augustus Tudor, just like Eliza’s brothers Jerome and James, was also part of the No. 2 Construction Battalion, but his military history dates further back. He served in the US Army for three years with the 10th Cavalry which makes him a Buffalo Soldier. Alfred’s Attestation papers also reveal that he worked as a Cooper and was born in Washington County, Kentucky on May 18, 1874. 

Eliza and her first husband Alfred Augustus Tudor had a daughter named Georgina Freda Tudor who was born on May 8, 1922 in Windsor and sadly passed away a few years later on August 17, 1924. They also had a daughter named Alis Millie Tudor. She was first married to Frederick Oliver Taylor and married second to Calvert Jones, and third to Joseph Raymond Porter, the son of Peter James Porter and Emma Ella Ellis. Alis also had a son named Robert William Taylor who passed away as a child. Alis and Calvert’s children include Ronald Clyde Jones and Linda Edna Jones Primus. Alis and Joseph Porter’s children include Evelyn Joann Porter, Sheila Louise Porter Quigley, Joseph Raymond, James Richard, John Russell, Gladys Alis Porter Hicks, Floyd Wylie, Barbara Grace Porter who is the Amherstburg Freedom Museum’s Vice President, and Christopher Raymond Charles Jones/Porter.

On January 8, 1858, The Windsor Daily Star printed “No. 3 Chapter Inducts Heads.” The No. 3 they are referring to is the Victoria Chapter No. 3 Order of the Easter Star which was a female auxiliary of the Masonic lodge and they performed charitable acts. Among those elected were Alis Porter who was the Worthy Matron. Her uncle Noble Lockman, who will be discussed next, was also elected associate patron.

Noble Alex Lockman was born on February 15, 1893 in Windsor. He married Nioma, sometimes listed as Norma/Norah, Banks on June 29, 1914 in Windsor. She was the daughter of Henry Banks and Lulu Campbell. Nioma Mary Lockman’s death notice appeared on July 2, 1974 in the Windsor Star which said “LOCKMAN – Nioma Mary, 78 years, July 1, 1974 at the Richmond Nursing Home, Amherstburg. Dear aunt of Alis Porter and Noble Banks, Windsor.” A few years earlier, on June 23, 1965, The Windsor Star also printed a death notice for Noble Lockman which said “LOCKMAN – Noble Alexander, 72, of 2312 Victoria Rd., Sandwich West Township, died Thursday at his residence after a brief illness. Born in Windsor, Mr. Lockman was a past master of North American Lodge.”

What we publish is not a complete history of any family and is based on the documents that are available. We welcome photos and information to fill in the gaps.  See you next week where we will celebrate another amazing family.