Amherstburg Freedom Museum

Welcome Mentees

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The Mentoring Youth Career Stimulation program will provide a resource for our future Freedom Achievers by pairing mentees with mentors in similar career paths through motivation, experience and insight. The Program brings mentors and mentees together to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and connections mentees need as they transition into their career.

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  1. Mentees own the learning process; practice self-awarenessthrough reflection to understand personal vision(i.e.interests, values, strengths, career desires, etc.).
  2. Initiate consistent and timely communication withthementor.
  3. Solicit feedback from the mentor regularly.
  4. Give feedback to the mentor and demonstrateappreciationfor their suggestion.
  5. Set SMART goals and have the mentor evaluate them.
  6. Be open-minded and show interest in new perspectives.
  7. Be an active listener.

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